Thursday, February 26

Dinner Ideas

I don't know if this is a common problem, but I get so tired of choosing what to make for dinner. I tried and tried to get my husband's input and it rarely worked.

In the earliest part of our marriage we tried sitting down together on Mondays and planning out our meals together for the week. (This was really nice for knowing what to get on my weekly shopping trip) Well it lasted about 4 weeks and then it didn't happen again.

We have since moved to a rural area and my weekly shopping trip turned into a monthly shopping trip. Luckily my husband would call on his way home from work so if I need anything he'd pick it up, but I still had to come up with the idea.

Finally I got some input. My husband decided to do something about my complaining. He helped me come up with a rather helpful meal planner and it has lasted. (Well at least longer than anything else) I deviate from it every now and then, but it keeps the ideas comming.

So here is how it works.

You can adjust it to however or whatever you usually eat and add to it. Saturday is a great day for leftovers, but if your husband is like mine he takes those with him to work. One idea is to try something new from your cookbooks that looks good, or go to some fun websites for ideas; like

It's been rather handy and I usually take a break on Sundays. We have sandwiches or whatever everyone feels like making themselves.

If you think of anything to add to it please let me know. I love expanding my menus.

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