Tuesday, March 17

Chocolate Scor Bar Truffle

Sometimes known as Better Than S__ cake. This is one of my favorite desserts for a group, or just for me. It serves about 8-25 adults; I'll explain the serving span at the bottom.

1 chocolate cake
2 cups whipping cream, or cool whip, or dream whip, etc.
1 (3 cups) large box pudding
4 cooled Scor bars (Heath bars work just as well)

Make any chocolate cake. I really like the Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate ($0.89 at Macey's last week), but any work. While it is cooling make the pudding and whip the whipping cream (or soften the cool whip).

When the cake has cooled, start by cutting the cake into normal sized serving pieces and then cut them in half so you can make a cake layer about 1 -1 1/2" tall. Place this in the bottom of a bowl that has fairly vertical sides. It is hard to make it in even proportions if it is not.

Here are two examples. The even proportions make it easier to make and serve.

Then cover cake with 1/2 or less (depending on your bowl) of the pudding.
Cover the pudding with 1/2 or less of the whipping cream.
Mash Scor bar while still in the package and sprinkle two of them on top of the whipping cream.
Repeat layers and place in fridge until you are ready to serve or go.

First layer complete!

Second layer, here we come!


You will have left over cake and that is what I use to make a second one. It ends up being a smaller size so I use:

1 small box (2 cups) chocolate pudding
1 1/2 cups whipping cream
2 - 3 Scor bars

This one I keep for my family. I rarely come home with any leftovers.

That explains the serving sizes. If you have a larger group, make them both and take both. The two bowls in the picture is the two sizes I usually make. The small bowl serves about 8 and the large one serves about 17.

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