Thursday, March 19

Great Price for Wheat!

I know it doesn't look like it, but I am really excited about this blog! I have been experimenting with lots of recipes and such that would be fun to share. I will try to be diligent in sharing and get to posting. I have to remember to take pics and get busy!

I did however, want to mention that I found a GREAT price for wheat at Macey's case lot sales this last week. I found out they are going one more week. Wheat in a 45 pound pail for only $18.99! I know we can get it a little cheaper at the cannery, but already in a pail, it's a killer deal! They also have their dough enhancer and wheat gluten at great deals too!

I just love case lot sales, I think Doug will be happy when it's all over, I've spent quite a bit! But when you have as many people as I do to feed, this is the time to get it!!

One of the things I've learned about preparedness is - it's not enough to just prepare and have the food storage. But part of preparedness is learning how to use what we have. If we had to cook out of our storage and we weren't used to it, it would be a lot harder, not only on our bodies, but on our abilities. It's very beneficial to already be used to making breads and recipes from scratch than to have to learn while we were in whatever crises that causes us to have to eat from our storage. I hope that makes sense!

I have a great french bread recipe and Lion house roll recipe I want to share, coming soon, hopefully!!

(Hey Jennie, I wasn't sure what labels to attach, I'll let you attach whatever you think!)

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