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How to make Professional Diaper cakes

This weekend I put on a baby shower for my sister-in-law. I had a few left over small diapers from my baby and decided to make her a diaper cake. I found a great tutorial here!

I wish I would have taken more pictures; however, if you don't understand the video helps out a lot!

Diaper cakes by Becca


1 Package of Diapers (around 96)

Round Pizza Pan

Scrap ribbon (about 4 yards)

Nice ribbon, for the cake itself

Hot Glue Gun

Goodies for your cake, you choose!

For three tier cake, figure the correct diaper count.

1:2:3 proportion example:

96 Diapers = 16 top tier: 32 middle tier: 48 bottom tier

Place something round and fat in the middle of your pizza pan (unopened can of soup, salt, etc.)

Bottom tier first. We are working with 48 diapers. Pick up three and space them in your hand, do NOT open them. Bend them slightly to give them a hint of curve. Place them, on end, leaning against your round object in the middle of your pizza pan.

Add more diapers to the outside of your are adding the diapers ON TOP of each other in the round.

You should use 40 of the 48 diapers in the outside layer. When you have all 40 diapers pinwheeled around your round object, you now use a piece of scrap ribbon to tie your diaper tier. Thie it tight with a bow (not double knot). You have a hole in the middle where your round object it. The other eight diapers go in that hole (I chose to put a toy I had on hand in the middle).

Repeat for 2nd tier using 28 diapers on the outside layer and 4 on the inside layer.

For the top tier you will want 14 diapers on the outside layer and 2 diapers in the inner layer.

Go back and straighten out the diapers and make the spacing even and uniform. Your scrap ribbon is holding them securely so you should be able to pull and push them into place and make them even.

Now it's time to add YOUR ribbon. Without removing the scrap ribbon you will want to measure out the length you will need, add two inches to create a nice clean edge.

Cut the ribbon and wrap it around the tier. You will want to glue the ribbon TO the ribbon (do not get glue on the diapers). Wait until glue has cooled before removing scrap ribbon from underneath (untie and pull out scrap ribbon).

One layer of ribbon is great. More is wonderful. To add ribbon you will want to glue the new layer directly onto the 1st layer. Make sure it is straight and glued all the way around to prevent the 2nd layer from slipping and becoming crooked.

Layer as many different ribbons as you choose. We chose a 1" on top of a 2".

Decorate with the goodies that best suit your diaper cake.

You can make a 4 tier by adding more diapers and remembering the proportion formula (1:2:3:4).

You can thread a blanket up through the middle of the cake and have a plush animal cuddling with it. Use colorful links and diapers pins to attach goodies to your cake. Be creative!

This was my "gift table", we placed all the gifts below!

Tips for making a professional - looking diaper cake:

NEVER use tape, it will damage the diapers.

Rubber bands are not great either.

If you are using a method with rubber bands, remove each diaper one by one and insert it back into the cake WITHOUT the rubber band.

Use name - brand diapers unless you know the parents are using a store - brand. What a shame if your cake isn't used the way it was intended because the diapers weren't something the parents were confident using.

Diapers ABSORB, very well. The absorb smells and fluids. Keep your completed cake in a dry location away from funky smells (smoke, garlic, onions, etc.) until the big day! Wrap in a bag if need be.

Simple and elegant is better than busy and cheap. Use items you are proud to give that the new parents will be happy to receive. (ie: Dollar Store isn't always that great). A plush animal and booties can be purchased for less than $10.

This came from and she has some great cakes to look at for ideas.

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