Friday, March 27

American Goulash

So my husband served in the Czech Republic for 2 years and informs me many times that goulash does not include noodles. The European goulash is apparently very different from what I grew up with.

This recipe is one I grew up with. In a family of 8 children and very short on cash through the eighties, you could call it recession cooking. ;)

1/2 lb hamburger
3 cups macaroni
1 jar spaghetti sauce
1/3 cup ketchup

Cook macaroni. While cooking you can brown the hamburger (onion is pretty good with the hamburger if you have any). Drain excess fat off hamburger.

Drain Macaroni. Mix in cooked hamburger, spaghetti sauce and ketchup. Mix and serve.

Other things that add flavor are canned mushrooms and tomatoes.
Hot dogs can also be used in place of the hamburger.


The three M's... said...

Yup. We had this one a lot growing up too. :o) In fact, funny enough, I'm kind of craving it after seeing the picture. Haha!

Homemade said...

I have a recipe for GREAT DEPRESSION Cake, from my deceased Grandma, she would be 101 now. LOVE the recipes from the depression.