Friday, March 13

More Money Saving Ideas

Do not buy on emotion - great example of this, just last night we went to a dinner where they were promoting fire alarms. They had a wonderful presentation and some great information that we verified when we did a little research later; however, we did find that we could get about the same product for quite a bit less online. So, please when someone gives you the good advice to sleep on something before you make a big purchase (or at least do some homework first) LISTEN!

Oh by the way the information we were given was there are two different types of fire alarms, one runs on ionization sensors and the other on photoelectric sensors. Most of the American households have the ionized sensor; however after listening to the gentleman last night and researching, we found both would be tons better. If we had to go with just one, we would choose the photoelectric. Check out why! I'm glad we found this information now.

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