Friday, August 7

Saving on Meat

So here are a few tips on how to make your meat stretch and even get it cheaper!

Beef roast can be taken to the meat counter and cut into:
Cubes - for stew meat
Slabs - for steaks (all they need is a little extra tenderizing)

I like to get the ham that is sold in a block and have it sliced up for sandwich meat, pizza meat, breakfast sandwich meat, etc.

You can get it for a great price compared to the packaged sandwich meat and you can choose the thickness of the slices when you take it to the meat counter. They will also do part thicker and part thinner.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that in most recipes you can reduce the meat by almost half. There are also tons of fillers for hamburger patties, sloppy joes, etc. Fillers being celery, bread crumbs, tomatoes, eggs and many more.

If you have any others please feel free to share. I get most of my ideas from others.

All in all, it is much more affordable! Now if only I could find some chicken on sale... ;)


The Nor-esters said...

You can use beans instead of meat--make spaghetti with cannelloni (white kidney) beans, make black bean burritos instead of beef, etc. Yummy! Buy the bags of beans and soak them for true savings.

Country Cookin' Mama said...

Good ideas!! I only buy meats when they go on sale at really good prices. And then come hunting season I don't buy meat at all, as long as my husband brings home a deer or two! :)