Friday, September 18

Dinner in 15 min flat!

The other day I got distracted and all of the sudden it was 15 minutes before Jason arrived home from work. I normally wouldn't be to worried about dinner being on the table; however, Jason only had 15 minutes before he had to be out the door to a meeting. I quickly wracked my brain for something that would be quick and palatable. This is what I came up with....

Noodles, Chicken, and Veggies
In a deep skillet, boil a couple cups of water
sliced carrots
a couple pinches dehydrated onions
chopped broccoli
Boil a couple minutes then add
2 Ramon noodle packages (don't add seasoning packet)
Boil two to three minutes
drain most of water then add:
a can of chicken with juice
sprinkle a little of the Ramon noodle oriental seasoning packet and stir

My girls really liked it and I was pleasantly surprised at how it tasted. So the question is, was it finished by the time Jason got home? Yes!!!! However, on his way home he got called into church early, so he actually didn't get home for another three hours.


Donna said...

I'm always impressed with people who can throw food together so impromtu! Too bad he didn't get home "in time" to eat it!! :)

It's good to hear from you, Carolyn!!

Carolyn said...

This was lucky! I have numerous others not posted (and for good reasons).