Thursday, June 10

Laundry & Stains

I have a couple of great recipes for Laundry soap. I am not sure where I placed them, but when I find them I will put them in a post.

As for the stain solutions, my husband sent me this great site.

I pulled a bunch of baby clothes out of the attic yesterday only to find that a bunch of them had turned yellow, NOT Good! We are expecting another little one in July and I wanted to get some things together.

I went to the above mentioned site from the University of Illinois Extension. I looked at "Yellowing, dinginess or graying, general soil buildup, white or gray streak" and tried it. IT WORKED. I was so excited this morning while I was rinsing them. Luckily I have soft water so I didn't have to add the water conditioner.

I've tried a few others and they have also worked. Just thought I'd share! ;)

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